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Item Fee
Abandoned property fee
(If unclaimed after 5 years in NH  or after 3 years in VT)
$50.00 before the balance is remitted to the State
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Bank Checks (Treasurer Checks) $3.00 per check
Blue Zipper bags First 2 bags free. Over 2 bags $5.00 each
Non-Customers: $10.00 each
Business Online Banking Services-
  ACH Origination 
  Wire Transfers (Outgoing Domestic)

  $20.00 per month
  $15.00 per wire
Checkbook Balancing 15 minutes free, then $25 per hour Research Fee applies
Cash Advance Free
Check Cashing Free
On-Us, no charge. Not On-Us, service not provided.
Check Certification $15.00
Check Charges Varies by customer selection + Shipping & Handling fees
Check Copies $3.00 each
Coin Purchase Free
Non-Customers: $0.10 per roll, $250 limit
Coin Verification Free
Non-Customers: 10% fee and $250 exchange limit
Collection of Check (domestic) $25.00
CSB ATM Transaction Fee Free; Non-Customers $3.50 per transaction
Deposit Account Control Agreement $10.00 per month
Deposit Items Returned $10.00 per item
Exchange for Bank Check $10.00 each
Fax Service (Incoming - domestic only) $2.00 per page
Fax Service - Outgoing
   first page
   additional pages

Foreign Check Return $25.00
Foreign Check Collection $35.00
Foreign Check Processing with Expedited Collection $25.00
Foreign Draft $45.00
Foreign Currency $20.00
Non-Customers: $25.00, maximum exchange of $250 USD
Health Savings Account (A full distribution is not a transfer) $50.00 - Plan transfer to another institution
$30.00 - Mistaken distribution fee
Automatic Transfer (Overdraft Protection between checking and saving) $3.00 per total aggregate transfer per day
Inactive Account Fee after 12 months $5.00 per month 
Insufficient Funds/Overdrafts (Created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means, both paid and unpaid) that overdraw the available balance in the deposit account by more than $10.00. $30.00 - daily limit of 5
IRA - Non-Closing Transfer to another institution $10 per transfer
IRA - Plan Closing Transfer to another institution $50.00
Levies or Attachments $50.00 per order
Money Orders $2.00 per check, maximum $1,000 (customers only)
Night Drop - Per Additional Key $2.00
Night Drop - Discrepancy phone calls $1.00 per call
Night Drop - Hold for verification $2.00 per bag
Night Drop - Non-refundable locked bag $25.00 per bag
Notary Public per document Free
Non-Customers: $5.00
Photocopying $0.25 per copy
Remote Deposit Capture - maintenance fee $20.00 per month 
Research $25.00 per hour
Return of Non-Deliverable Statements $3.00 per month
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Fee $200.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental Varies by size (20% discount with pre-auth payment)
Box and rate information here.
Safe Deposit Box Replacement Key Fee $20.00
SEP (Simplified Employee Pension Plan)
  Set-up fee per employee
  Non-Closing Transfer to Another Institution
  Plan Closing Transfer to Another Institution

Signature Monitoring/2 Signatures Required $5.00 per month (checking accounts only)
Statement Copy (Does not apply to IRA or HSA) $5.00 per month
Stop Payment $30.00
Temporary Checks (3 checks to a page) $2.00 per page
Wire Transfer - Domestic Outgoing $25.00
Wire Transfer - Domestic Incoming $10.00
Wire Transfer - International Outgoing $50.00
Wire Transfer - International Incoming $20.00

The bank reserves the right to change the schedule of fees at any time. Effective 6/14/2024.