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Our Management and Bank Officers

David J. Finnerty

President and CEO

Lynn H. Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Carol L. Vivian

Sr. Vice President of Retail Banking and Clerk

James A. Lynch

Sr. Vice President of Commercial Banking

Brandy Blackinton

Sr. Vice President and Retail Lending

Timothy D. Bates

Sr. Vice President of Information Technology and Operations

  • Dawn M. Churchill, Vice President of Compliance and Audit
  • Vicki L. Corliss, Vice President of Collections
  • Brenda Cox, Vice President of Commercial Credit Administration
  • Terri A. Decker, Vice President and Private Banking Manager
  • Chrissy L. Fratzel, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Zachary J. Haines, Vice President of Operations
  • Austin Haase, Vice President, Mortgage Credit Administration Manager
  • Sean T. Long, Vice President of Commercial Banking
  • Colby C. Martin, Vice President of Information Security, ISO
  • Julie C. Martin, Vice President of Business Services
  • Ashleigh M. McFarlin, Vice President, Investment Advisor Representative
  • Justin S. Provost, Vice President of Commercial Lending
  • Molly A. DeLuca, Vice President of Marketing
  • Tausha L. Shute, Vice President of Retail Services
  • Ryan Tremblay, Vice President Market Manager
  • Melissa C. Wooddell, Vice President of Loan Servicing
  • Rachel Bouranis, AVP, Accounting Manager
  • Allison L. Childs, AVP, Loan Originator III
  • Brianna Critch, AVP and Loan Originator III
  • Ann M. Dewey, AVP, Market Manager
  • Howard G. Grace, AVP, Facilities Manager
  • Donna Kennison, AVP, Loan Originator III
  • Adam Pippin, AVP, Commercial Lender
  • Denise R. Roberts, AVP, Loan Originator III
  • Becky J. Vittum, AVP, Investment Advisor Representative
  • Marissa Brunelle, Customer Service Manager, Officer
  • Becky Cook, Commercial Credit Analyst II, Officer
  • Ann Lavigne, Teller Manager, Officer
  • Nicole E. Picard, Deposit Operations Manager, Officer
  • Dawn Raftery, BSA Officer
  • Shelia Rook, Market Manager, Officer
  • Tracey Rouillard, Call Center Manager, Officer

Board of Trustees

As a mutual savings bank, we are owned by our depositors and governed by our Board of Trustees. Our current Board of Trustees includes: 

  • Heather J. Minkler, Chair
  • Kathy A. Hubert, Vice Chair
  • Tammy Bergeron
  • Brian J. Boardman
  • Thomas P. Connair
  • Joseph J. Gorman Jr.
  • Sera Gray
  • David J. Finnerty
  • Bryan L. Huot
  • Steven L. Monette
  • Robert H. Porter