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Rental Fees

  • Organization type

    OK Organization type is required

Event Information

  • OK Name of Group is required
  • OK Event is required
  • Date of Event

    OK Date of Event is required
  • OK Start Time (Including prep time - No earlier than 8:00 am) is required
  • OK End Time (No later than 5:00 pm, including clean up and exit) is required
  • OK Approximate number of people attending (maximum of 50 people) is required

Contact Information

  • OK Contact Person is required
  • OK Address is required
  • OK City is required
  • OK State is required
  • OK Zip is required
  • OK Phone is required
  • Optional OK Fax is required
  • Optional OK Questions is required

Facility Information

  • Do you need the use of?

    Optional OK Do you need the use of? is required
  • Do you plan to provide food? See use of kitchen policy

    Optional OK Do you plan to provide food? See use of kitchen policy is required
  • Cancellation Policy: We REQUIRE 24-hour notice of cancellation. We also request a courtesy call if you will be late in arriving or future use of the Community Room will be in jeopardy. Excessive cancellations may also jeopardize future use.

    ***The community room is not intended for regular monthly or weekly meetings.

    ***Please review the Attendee Available Parking areas

    I acknowledge that I have read the Claremont Savings Bank Community Room Rental Policy and I understand and agree to its terms. Furthermore, on behalf of the above named organization/group, I/we shall indemnify Claremont Savings Bank against all liabilities, expenses and losses incurred by us as a result of any accident, injury, or damage that shall happen in or about the premises during our occupancy thereof, or as a result of our occupancy thereof. I assume liability for all damage done to the property during the period that I rent the room. I agree to leave the room in a clean and orderly fashion, in the same condition it was in when I rented it. I agree and understand that there is no smoking in the building. I agree to pay for clean up charges if needed.

  • OK Electronic Signature is required
  • OK is required