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Control and monitor your debit cards with CardValet®.  

Key Features

  • Manage Cards
  • Control Usage
  • Receive Alerts


CardValet® helps protect yourself against fraud. This feature allows you to control your debit cards directly from the CardValet® App.

  • Control how, where, and when your debit cards can be used
  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Turn cards on and off anytime if they’re missing, stolen or when you don’t want to use them
  • Block transactions based on transaction amount, location and/or merchant type — or block all transactions
  • Receive alerts when cards are used

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*Mobile carrier fees may apply

Fraud Protection

  • Instant alerts notify you when your cards are used allowing you to shut the card off and report the fraud immediately
  • Transaction controls manage the specific locations or geographic areas in which your cards will work
  • When your card is turned off, no purchases or withdrawals will be processed

Control Spending

  • Set card limits for general use – this can be updated in real-time at the time of purchase
  • Set card limits based on specific merchant types (ex: groceries, retail stores, etc)

Business Use

  • Transaction controls will limit where employees can use cards – set limits by merchant codes, locations and transaction types

Parental Controls

  • Use limit and transaction controls to manage your child’s spending habits
  • Control when, where and how your child can use their cards

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Mobile carrier fees may apply.