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Claremont Savings Bank upgraded our core banking system on Friday, August 25. This recent upgrade will allow us to better serve you and enhance your banking experience. 

Below you will find helpful information about the upgrade, including downloadable informational booklets, videos, and FAQs.

Informational Booklets and Videos



Consumer Booklet

Business Booklet

Important Conversion Dates and FAQs


Conversion Announcement

Integrated Experience

Business Online Banking

Mobile Banking

Enhanced Security

Conversion Timeframe



Upgrade FAQs



Q:  When I get my new contactless Debit card will it be the same card number?

A:  No, your new card will be a brand-new number. Any recurring payments you set up using your card will need to be updated with the new card number.

Q:  Will cards be issued on every account, even if we do not have a card on it currently?

A:  No, you will only receive an upgraded card if you have one currently. If you would like a card on an account that you do not currently have one for, please visit one of our locations, or contact our Call Center and our employees would be happy to assist you.

Q:  I activated my new debit card and now my pin is not working.  

A:  When you call to activate your new debit card there is a prompt asking if you would like to add a new pin. If you did not add a pin, there will not be a pin associated with your new debit card. To add a pin to your debit card, you may call 877-965-3344. You will prompted to go through the activation process again and there will be an option to set your pin. Or you may also update your pin by visiting one of our ATMs.


Q:  What is the date that I would need to meet all of my qualifications for my Kasasa account in August in order to receive my reward?

A:  For the month of August every customer in a Kasasa account will automatically qualify for their rewards. 

Q:  Currently my debit card transactions need to be posted to my account 2 business days prior to month end to qualify for my reward.  Will that still be the same?

A:  No, any debit card transaction that clears your account up to the last business day of the month will count towards your reward qualifications.

Q:  What are my options if I can’t meet the qualifications required to earn the rebates on the new account offerings?

A:  We have found that many people that are concerned about meeting the qualifications will in fact meet them and will earn rebates to offset the service charge. However, we are exploring options for adding another Checking Account product that will better meet those customers’ needs.  Our target date is mid-September 2023.

Q:  Since the upgrade is being completed before the end of August, will I still only get one statement for the month?

A:  No, you will receive two statements for the month of August. The first will report activity on your account from August 1 through August 24.  The second will report activity from August 25 through August 31.

Q:  Will the age waiver qualify for any owner on the account, or just the primary owner?

A:  If any owner on the account meets the age waiver, 22 and under or 70 and over, the fee will be waived.

Q:  Will I see the service charges on my statement and then rebates back if I meet the qualifications?

A:  Yes, you will see the service charges post, and then if the rebate qualifications are met, you will see the rebates posted on your statement as well.


Q:  One of the qualifiers for a rebate is if I maintain a daily balance of at least $500.00.  If my balance drops below $500.00 during the day, but I make a deposit the same day, will I still qualify for the rebate?

A:  Yes, as long as the account balance is $500.00 or more, by the end of the day, you would still qualify for the rebate.

Q:  If I meet the age waiver does that mean I will get an additional $10.00 rebated to my account when I get a direct deposit in excess of $500.00 and receive electronic statements?

A:  No, the rebates are meant to offset the monthly service charges. Since you meet the age waiver, you will not receive a service charge, so no additional rebate is needed.


Q:  Will the overdraft line of credit on my checking account remain when the upgrade happens?

A:  Yes, the functionality and availability will remain the same.  The only thing that will change is the account number for the line of credit.

Q:  How will I know what my new loan account number will be?

A:  You can find it on your loan bill, or you may call 603-542-7711 Option 3.


Q:  If I make a deposit into the ATM after 3:30, will it still be considered the next business day?

A:  Yes, the cut off time for ATM deposits will remain the same.

Q:  Will Online Banking experience any disruptions during the upgrade?

A: Yes, online banking including the mobile banking app will be unavailable from Thursday, August 24 at 6pm until Monday, August 28. Mobile deposit will be unavailable as of 2:30pm on Thursday, August 24 until Monday, August 28. We will notify customers when online banking is available.

Q:  I’m having issues setting up my debit card on my mobile wallet and P2P payments apps, will my new debit card be able to be added?

A: Yes, your new debit card can be added to these services. However, you may not be able to add your debit card as a payment in your mobile wallets or P2P payment services such as PayPal and Venmo until Monday, August 28.


Q:  I have a Simple Business checking, I read that I will be charged $.20 per item after 100 items processed.  What type of transactions count towards the items processed?

A:  Items that count towards this are checks you write, deposits (including the items being deposited) electronic transfers (including internal transfers) ACH Deposits and ACH withdrawals.

Q:  Is there an age waiver for business account fees?

A:  There is not an age waiver for business fees.  If you have questions or concerns about the current business product you are in, please speak with an employee, and they can discuss options with you.

Q:  What is a business sweep account?

A:  A sweep account is a bank account set up to retain a certain cash balance for immediate business expenses; any excess funds are automatically swept daily into an interest-bearing account.  This option allows you to earn interest income on unused funds as well as an option that allows your funds to be fully insured by FDIC insurance.